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Hello All!  And welcome back to Food~Flavor~Fun!

A place to find and share some great food ideas, that are loaded with flavor, to be prepared and shred with family and friends to bring a bunch of fun and enjoyment into our lives.

The last post of the week is about drinks and desserts.  Today’s is the Tequila Sunrise.  A great tasting, beautifully visual drink that is a great morning/early afternoon beverage to rival the Bloody Mary.  For those that don’t favor tomato juice, give this one a try.  This drink is great for serving with a brunch as an alternative to a Mimosa.

Tequila Sunrise


  • tequila
  • orange juice
  • grenadine syrup


Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour in a shot of tequila.  Add orange juice  and pour grenadine syrup over the top.  The heavier syrup will sink to the bottom to create gradations in color to resemble a sunrise.  Enjoy!

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