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Hello all and welcome back to Food Flavor Fun!

A simple guy from Southeast Texas with a taste for great flavor and a desire to share that passion with others.

Wednesday is all about soups and salads.  Tonight is a salad that I used for my last Valentines Day Menu.  We didn’t go out to a restaurant.  Oh No!  I fixed a five course meal at home.  Ok, thats sick.

My wife loved the whole deal (and she better for the work that went in).  But this salad was easy and a good starter with little effort.  If your going after a big play.  Take the short cuts where you can!  It takes a bunch of work to create a meal that will be consumed in less than 20-30 minutes!

I used the bagged fancy leafy salad in prepped bags with Granny Smith apple slices, walnuts and a bottled raspberry vinaigrette.  Oh, almost forgot the broken up blue cheese over the salad.  A great touch of flavor and texture that makes this salad a big hit.

No need for croutons on this salad as the nuts provide the crunch. 

If the Raspberry vinaigrette is not to your liking, pick another dressing that  you think will go.  But, go lite so the blue cheese, apples and walnuts come though.  Enjoy!

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