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I am so far behind on my posts this week.  Work and life getting in the way of my fun.  I’m sure you can feel my pain.  This is my belated Tuesday post.  Tuesdays are set aside for tools and techniques.  I had a previous post about knives.   This one is about how to use that great instruments. 

The rule is that you should hone a knife each time before you use it.  I say that leaves a lot of metal on the sharpener.  I sharpen my knives when they are not as sharp as I would like.  I have used the old standard steel handheld sharpener and it works pretty well.  This year I had an electric sharpener on my Christmas list.  And wow, I have to watch my fingers now.  I got mine from Chefscatalog.com.  It has 3 stages to sharpen knives to a near razors edge.  If you get your knives this sharp, be sure that you form the “C” with your fingers when chopping.  That will keep them out from under a very sharp blade.  Leave the knife tip on the cutting board and move the handle only up and down moving the items your chopping with your other hand.  Take it slowly at first for safety sake.  As you get more experience the speed will come.  It’s amazing how many fewer tears you get from chopping onions with a sharp knife.  Give it a try, be safe, and have some fun.  Enjoy!

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