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Hello World!

How many times have I written programs to show just that on the screen.

My name is Tom. And I am by profession an Information Technology geek/manager with a large financial services provider.  In my spare time and by necessity, I learned to cook. Why? Because I like to eat! I like food with great flavor. And who does not like to have fun. That’s what brings me to present this blog for your enjoyment, and hopefully to share a love for good food, good friends and good times.

I was born and raised in South East Texas where many cultures and tastes came together. At the threat of aging myself, I watched Justin Wilson on TV making his recipes. I still love his concept on wine….”What kind of wine goes with that?….the kind you like.” It is in that direction that I bring this blog to you. I plan on sharing my experiences and recipes from real life. Some may be less gourmet than others, but its all food and drink that I have prepared myself and are really happy to share with others. I hope that you will tune in and enjoy.

Stay tuned! More flavor to come, certainly centered around food, flavor and including a healthy portion of fun as well. Life should include as much of all three as we can absorb.


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