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Evening all,

I missed my post last night due to dealing with teenagers.  Anyone who’s been there will understand.  As she would say: OMG.  So tonight I will be working two posts to keep up with my plan.

Tuesdays are going to be based on Tools and Techniques.  Tonight, what can be more relative than a good set of knives.  A sharp knife has to be the most important implement of any cook or in any kitchen.  It makes the prep work so much easier.  And with all cooking, the prep work is the majority of the work.

I still have not found my dream set of knives.  However, I have tried a few brands.  Whatever your choice, (and it is a very personal one), they have to be sharp.  I have discovered that the reason we have finger nails is to keep us cooks from taking the tips of our fingers off!

The secret to cutting and chopping is having a sharp knife, holding your hands correctly, and keeping the tip down and touching the cutting board.  The shape of your hands forms a “C” between fingers and thumbs.  Fingers down, tips back and under, away from the edge of the knife.  Many will say that you need to sharpen your blade before each use.  I say to sharpen your blade when your blade gets dull.  Otherwise, you are leaving good knife on the sharpening stone.

I suggest a good three stage sharpener.  I got mine from chefscatalog.com.  It will take the worst blade to a sharp edge in less than 5 minutes.  Mine were and needed the treatment badly!

I have a couple of sets at home now.  A less expensive set from long ago that has stood up very well to the dishwasher, does not hold an edge very well but with my sharpener the wide blade is actually my favorite for dicing and chopping.  I have another set of Chicago Cutlery that are better quality blades and all do a great job.

I continue to watch and seek better feeling knives in my hand and better blades that have to be worked/sharpened less often. 

My theory:  The dollars spent on a good set of knives will outperform and outlast any plug-in tech tool you will ever see and for certain any tool that you will use for as much time in the kitchen.  If you love cooking, find your favorite set of knives.  Enjoy!

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